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Disability Management:

new trends are emerging

Several world-class conferences took place in the last six months in the ever-changing field of disability management.

As a true pioneer and leader in prevention, intervention and rehabilitation, particularly in terms of the integrated approach, Optima Global Health remains on the lookout of significant trends in this field and wishes to share this strategic information with its customers and business partners.

In this perspective, here are some of the key trends in disability management that may have an impact on the policies and practices of Canadian organizations.

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Press Review

Canadians struggling with work-life balance: Study

by QMI Agency, Toronto Sun

Is it possible to be both a hands-on parent and a high-performing employee without making sacrifices? Is the work-family balance a utopian concept? Employees are showing signs of heightened stress and their quality of life is affected as a result. Despite the multitude of studies on this topic, the situation does not seem to be improving. Are organizations aware of the impact their laxness is having on their results? This study involving 25,000 Canadians presents some very interesting facts about the current situation.


Workplace depression stigma remains despite

some progress

by Natalie Stechyson, The Vancouver Sun

When dealing with mental health and depression, myths and biases are well enshrined. Fortunately, studies show that the situation is improving and attitudes are changing. The workplace is no exception to the rule. This is a realistic article about the importance of continuing to educate people while demonstrating that hope and progress are very real!


Depression in the Workplace

by GBM

Depression in the workplace is costly for businesses. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), mental health is set to become the number two cause of workplace disability after heart disease. We must realize how crucial the situation is! Interesting facts, statistics, food for thought and solutions.


Work Healthy - Managing Stress

by GBM

All we have to do is pay attention to what those around us are saying to realize that the stress level at work continues to rise. Each of us will be victims of it at one time or another in our career, albeit at different levels of intensity. What to do about experimenting with quality of life in the workplace? Your best ally is yourself! Tips and tricks for managing your stress!

Coming together for company health and wellness


On May 13 and 14, 2013, Optima Global Health will co-present the first ever Rassemblement pour la santé et le mieux-être en entreprise, a Healthy Enterprises Group initiative, at the Palais des congrès de Montréal...


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$145 000 raised for Young Musicians of the World


Recently, the annual benefit cocktails and concerts in support of Young Musicians of the World (YMW) were held in Montreal and Quebec City. Co-chairing the  Montreal events were Mr. Jacques Tardif from La Capitale Financial Group and Mr. Jean-Claude Vaillancourt of Optima Global Health...


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The advisory

committee is a go.


On October 17, members of the advisory committee formed by Optima Global Health met for the first time to focus on issues related to workplace health and wellness and their impact on the various entities that were represented...


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A new partnership

with GASQ


Optima Global Health and Gestion Avantages Sociaux Québec Inc. (GASQ) have recently established a new business partnership introducing the Health Benefits program.

Designed for GASQ clients, Health Benefits is a participatory workplace global health program...

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